Although Seattle has a reputation for being a coffee lovers mecca, the Emerald City also is quickly emerging as a go-to destination for delectable desserts. Here are a few of Seattle’s best choices when looking to satisfy a sweet tooth:


Columbia City Bakery

This southside stalwart offers a variety of fresh-baked delicacies, but none more famous than its coveted tres leches cake, demonstrating the very best features of this sponge cake soaked in three distinct kinds of milk.


Intrigue Chocolate

Located in the popular tourist area of Pioneer Square, Intrigue Chocolate has already amassed a strong following despite only having been in the area since 2015. The unique truffles come in a myriad of exciting flavors including Hops and Sichuan Pepper.


Espresso Vivace

With three locations in the Seattle metropolitan area, this coffee shop capitalizes on the city’s love of both chocolate and coffee with a wide array of caffeine-laden desserts and drinks.


Seattle Cookie Counter

This eclectic shop boasts a menu dedicated to serving the vegan community with all of its food items. Vegan diners can choose between delicious homemade ice cream or a variety of fresh-baked cookies and other treats.


Shug’s Soda Fountain And Ice Cream

This classic style soda fountain shop boasts a commanding presence in the Sanitary Market building adjacent to Pike Place Market. As a throwback to the 1930s, the cute shop features Lopez Island ice cream as well as baked treats from Three Girls Bakery.


Bar Del Corso

This trendy dessert cafe serves up sweets with an Italian flair. Ideal for those diners wanting something sweet but not TOO sweet, Bar Del Corso is best known for its savory polenta cake with seasonal fruit topping.


General Porpoise Coffee And Doughnuts

Downtown workers flock to this joint for its breakfast offerings. Featuring classic items such as chocolate creme doughnuts as well as more eclectic offerings like mincemeat, this shop offers something for everyone. The coffee is top notch, too.



This homemade ice cream parlor understands the value of using fresh ingredients in all of its ice cream flavors. Specializing in local ingredients, Parfait always offers the best in the area’s rich bounty of fresh farm to table foods.


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