Road trip season is upon us. Along with the warmer weather and sunshine comes colorful leaves, fragrant flowers, and bustling city streets. Summertime presents the perfect time to take that long-awaited road trip through the pacific northwest! States such as Washington, Idaho, Western Montana, Northern California, and Oregon are commonly referred to as cold and rainy states. However, when the sunshine is beaming, the sights to see are vast, distinct, and quite extraordinary.

No matter where your heart and eyes take you during your pacific northwest road trip, here are 10 top destinations to make it an adventure worth remembering!


Shell Fishing

Want to experience life as a pacific northwest local? Shelling is a great way! Especially along the coasts of Oregon and Washington State, there are dozens of places to dig in. First, you’ll need to determine whether beaches are currently open for fishing, purchase the proper supplies and a license, and you are good for the whole season. Shelling is surprisingly easy to learn, and newcomers can easily find oysters, clams, and the Pacific Northwest geoduck.



Within Washington State lies Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park. Not many people know, so welcome to this exclusive club. Regarded as one of the most excellent remaining examples of temperate rainforests in the U.S., this destination offers numerous things to do, such as hiking, biking, camping, picnicking and wildlife watching. There are 88 sites located along the river in a dedicated campground.


Island Hopping

Right off Washington’s north coast lies the San Juan archipelago consisting of over 172 named islands. The biggest, and most famous, are San Juan, Orcas, Lopez, and Shaw. Islands are easily accessible for visitors as they are all connected to the mainland by ferry. Each island has its own noteworthy attractions, as well as highly rated restaurants and luxury accommodations. The islands can be an impressive place for undiscovered hiking and nature watching, as well as a perfect spot to relax and take in the views.


Lan Su Chinese Garden

Created as a partnership between Portland and Suzhou, China, Lan Su Chinese Garden is also referred to as the “Garden of Awakening Orchids” and is considered to be the most authentic Chinese garden outside of China. Rather than a typical flower sanctuary, this botanical garden is considered to be a growing, cultural work of art, designed to harmonize art, design, nature, and architecture.


Bachelor Island

First named Green Bryor Island in 1805 by renowned explorers Lewis and Clark, the island is located on the massive Columbia River. Bachelor’ Island is a part of Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge making this destination a perfect place for nature lovers and history lovers alike.


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