Joining a community sports team is a fun opportunity to exercise, make friends, and get involved in your neighborhood. Many cities around the world are introducing both adult and children community sports teams – and luckily, Seattle offers both adult and children leagues!

Adult Sports

The City of Seattle has many adult sports leagues including basketball, volleyball, softball, flag football, roller derby, pickleball, and lawn bowling. Many of these sports programs are coed, but a few are gender specific. To learn more about each program, check out the Seattle Parks and Recreation website!

The Underdog Sports League is another adult co-ed sports program in Seattle. This league was built on the idea that you don’t need to be good at sports to have fun playing, and you also don’t need to be an excellent player to play in a sports league. The Underdog offers teams for bocce ball, bowling, cornhole, dodgeball, flag football, kickball, softball, and volleyball.

The best two reasons to join an adult sports team is because you’ll make friend and have fun while working out. Joining a community sports team is a great way to meet new people who share at least on interest with you and the other members on the team. There’s nothing quite like the camaraderie you build through teamwork on the playing field. Additionally, adult sports teams are a fun way to work out. Even if you need to de-stress after work or want to mix up your exercise routine, adult sports teams are a fun way to break a sweat.


Children Programs

While schools offer sports programs, signing your children up for a community sports team may be a great option! Community teams allow your child to meet other friends outside of school and may offer better flexibility for your family or lifestyle. Currently, the City of Seattle offers volleyball, flag football, cross country, basketball, and track and field for a variety of age groups. To participate in most of Seattle children’s leagues, you can either build together your own team with a coach, or you can be placed on an existing team with the help of community center staff. Seattle’s children’s teams are another excellent opportunity for parents or guardians to get involved because the sports programs are always looking for coaches and volunteers to help with the team and events!


Both community adult and children’s sports teams are a wonderful way to workout, meet new friends, and get involved. Seattle offers many different sports team and opportunities to truly enjoy your sport as a source of entertainment and fun!


Mitch Levy has spent nearly 30 years in radio and sports broadcasting after earning a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse. Read more of his advice for the radio industry or check out his Twitter!