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Community Sports in Seattle | Mitch Levy

Community Sports in Seattle

Joining a community sports team is a fun opportunity to exercise, make friends, and get involved in your neighborhood. Many cities around the world are introducing both adult and children community sports teams – and luckily, Seattle offers both adult and children leagues! Adult Sports The City of Seattle has many adult sports leagues including […]

Weather in Seattle - a Look at Why It's so Rainy | Mitch Levy

Weather in Seattle – a Look at Why It’s so Rainy

Seattle has many nicknames – from the Emerald City to the Coffee Capital of the World, another popular name for Seattle is the Rain City. You can probably guess why Seattle is known as the Rain City because it frequently rains in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is known for its wet weather, so let’s look […]

5 Hiking Trails in the PNW | Mitch Levy

5 Hiking Trails in the PNW

Many travel to the Pacific Northwest (PNW) for a variety of tourist attractions, including the beautiful landscape and recreational areas. Whether you’re traveling to the PNW for the first time or you’re a native to the area, hiking one or more of the plethora trails around the PNW will not disappoint. Here are my five […]

Avoiding Tourist Traps in Seattle | Mitch Levy

Avoiding Tourist Traps in Seattle

Seattle is a great city to explore because there is just so much to see and do. In a previous blog, I offered a Weekender’s Guide to Seattle that listed four top tourist sites to see. However, the hustle and bustle of these major tourist sites are not for everyone. If you want to stay […]

Weekender's Guide to Seattle | Mitch Levy

Weekender’s Guide to Seattle

Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the world. The city of Seattle has something for everyone, from excellent food, historical museums, stunning buildings and, of course, sports culture. Although there are many great places to see and visit, if you are spending a week in the city, I recommend checking out these four sites! […]

PNW Bucket List | Mitch Levy

Pacific Northwest Bucket List

The Pacific Northwest is home to famous cities, hidden gems and plenty of places to travel. While there is no agreed boundary, the Pacific Northwest generally refers to Oregon and Washington, and the land bounded by the Cascade Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean. Even in this small section of land, there are many beautiful […]

The Asian Influence on Seattle - Mitch Levy

The Asian Influence on Seattle

Due to the proximity, Seattle is a city like no other due to its Asian influence. The city is the largest metropolis in the Pacific Northwest and is a crucial gateway between Asia and the United States.   Seattle History Seattle lies on a land strip between Lake Washington and the waters of Puget Sound. […]

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