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Five Fast Facts On The State Of Washington | Mitch Levy

Five Fast Facts on the State of Washington

There are many historical and unique places in the state of Washington, which became the 42nd state in the United States on November 11, 1889. Following are just five of the unusual facts about the state:   Five Fast Facts 1 – On top of Seattle’s Space Needle, a landmark observation tower, at the height […]

Why Seattle Is Known As The Emerald City | Mitch Levy

Why Seattle is Known as the Emerald City

Jewels and Seattle may not seem like they go together at first. After all, Seattle is known for being very rainy and somewhat dreary- nothing like a bright, shiny emerald. In fact, Seattle does rain quite a bit from early fall through spring, but the gorgeous summer season is how the city earned its unique […]

10 Best Outdoor Adventures Near Seattle | Mitch Levy

10 Best Outdoor Adventures Near Seattle

Living in the city can feel a little cramped sometimes. The hustle and bustle of it all gets exhausting after a while, which makes getting out of the city all the more desirable. Luckily, there are so many outdoor adventures close to Seattle. Enjoy hiking, camping and biking with friends and family. There are campsites […]

Seattle's Top 5 Wineries | Mitch Levy

Seattle’s Top 5 Wineries

Move over Nappa, the new wine scene has found a home in Washington. For the last two decades Washington has some of the best french blends and cool climate grapes. If you’re planning a trip or are a local looking for a great spot to go wine tasting, Seattle has a lot to offer. There […]

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth In The Emerald City | Mitch Levy

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in the Emerald City

Although Seattle has a reputation for being a coffee lovers mecca, the Emerald City also is quickly emerging as a go-to destination for delectable desserts. Here are a few of Seattle’s best choices when looking to satisfy a sweet tooth:   Columbia City Bakery This southside stalwart offers a variety of fresh-baked delicacies, but none […]

Washington Road Trip Stops | Mitch Levy

Washington Road Trip Stops

Summer road trip season is upon us, and WalletHub recently released a list of the Best Road Trip Destinations for summer 2018! WalletHub, a personal finance website, researched all 50 states and scored each state based on costs, safety, and activities. The site also examined average gas prices, the number of scenic byways, and parkland […]

Tips for Taking a Day Trip from Seattle to Vancouver | Mitch Levy

Tips for Taking a Day Trip from Seattle to Vancouver

The Pacific Northwest is a vision of pristine beauty, a mist-laden expanse of lush foliage and pristine bodies of water. From the bottom of Oregon to the very tip top of Alaska, the entire region stands as a shining example of incomparable beauty. Sandwiched between Alaska and Washington is the breathtaking land of Vancouver, B.C. […]

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