Living in the city can feel a little cramped sometimes. The hustle and bustle of it all gets exhausting after a while, which makes getting out of the city all the more desirable. Luckily, there are so many outdoor adventures close to Seattle. Enjoy hiking, camping and biking with friends and family. There are campsites and mountain-trails that offer extraordinary views in the daylight and great star-gazing when night falls. Here are the ten best adventures near Seattle:


Deception Pass State Park: Headlands, Rosario Head, Lighthouse Point

If you love to hike, want to give it your first go or take your furry friend with you, this is the spot for you. To venture along this location, you will need a Discover Pass. This site has rugged cliffs and grassy beaches with is perfect to take dogs along with you. It’s easy walk and amazing scenic views makes it an amazing destination for an easy hike.


Comet Falls

For a bit harder hike and an even more incredible view, visit Comet Falls. A national parks entrance fee is required for the short hike up to the 300 foot waterfall. Known for its dramatic beauty, the hike to waterfall is well worth the hike.


Mount Pilchuck

Experienced hikers can take a historic hike through Mount Pilchuck for the greatest panoramic view Washington has to offer. A Northwest Forest Pass is required to hike up to the historic fire lookout located right at the top. The hike is difficult, but well worth it.


Salt Creek Recreation Area

If you’re more into camping than hiking, Salt Creek is a great spot. For $22-$30 a night, with views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, you can enjoy miles of Salt Creek’s beaches with the whole family. This is a great location to bring kids camping where they can explore tide-pool aficionados’ ochre starfish, purple sea urchins, and green anemones.


White River Campground

For a camping location that offers the best views, White River Campground is the spot for you. For $20 a night, gaze upon snow peaks, towering trees and beautiful river frontage. Visitors have the option to hike or drive to the campground.


Jones Island

To get to Jones Island campsite, you’ll need to know how to work a paddles. At just $12 a night, take a kayak filled with supplies to camp on this island. In the middle of the San Juans, this is a 6-mile paddles from Friday Harbor.


Mima Falls West Trail

If you like adventurous biking or want to give it a try, this is a great location for trail riding. The trails takes you through lowlands that lead to magnificent Mima Falls. A great way to enjoy the view is having a picnic by the falls. This easy ride offers great views and a fun adventure.  


Lost Valley Loop

For a little more of a challenge, intermediate rides can take trip along the lush canyon past Mima Falls. There they will find the McKenny Trail for a slow and steady ride until getting to the challenging downhill finale. Make sure to hold on tight while taking on the beautiful and furious trail.


Greenline No. 6

The more experience riders will enjoy Greenline No. 6’s single-track trail along Capitol State Forest. Riders will weave around root and switchbacks, a vast series of up and downhill, and incredible views of Mount Rainier, Deschutes RIver Valley, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams. This advanced ride is a lot to handle, but worth every breathless and heart-pounding moment.


Artist Point

Stargazing has never been more beautiful than Artist Point. If you are up for the drive, this location offers some of the best stargazing in the world. With either a telescope in tote or just the naked eye, there is much to be seen. Dazzling views of the moon and stars can be enjoyed with food or drink with your closest friends and family.


Mitch Levy has spent nearly 30 years in radio and sports broadcasting after earning a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse. Read more of his advice for the radio industry or check out his Twitter!